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Clean your filter

One type of service call we get is for a lack of pressure from the sprinkler heads. On many of the calls the problem turns out to be a clogged filter. On free flowing deep wells there must be a filter installed before the pump, in-line from the well. This filter traps small particles of sand and other debris that come from the coquina rock that the wells are drilled through. Once the mesh of the filter becomes clogged it is difficult at best for the water to pass through the filter element.
Most deep wells are drilled anywhere from 200-300 feet deep and tap into the aquifer that runs the entire length of the state like an underground river. If you have been to places like Ginny Springs, Florida Springs or Weeki Wachee springs you have seen the water from this aquifer that has passed through cracks in the coquina cap and rises up to the surface.
Up through the drill hole however this debris can foul sprinkler heads and can also cause premature failure of internal pump parts typically the impeller and diffuser. This is why an in-line filter is a must. If your well is collapsing internally there may be so much sand and shell it may be necessary to clean the filter between each sprinkler cycle. At this point you have no other option than to have another well drilled as the coquina rock is falling apart within the drill hole or the well casing has broken.

Another reason for lack of pressure is that since the filter cover is clear plastic, algae has a tendency to grow inside around the element. We have seen instances where the algae are so thick that very little water can get to the pump. This will also cause a premature failure of the pump motor as it strains to pull water. So clean your filter at least twice a year. Use a soft bristle brush to clean the mesh element (inspect for rips and replace if necessary) and dedicate a toilet brush to clean the inside of the cover. Don’t forget to turn off the well first or you will get wet. Many wells can have as much as forty psi of pressure behind them and getting the filter cover back on is nearly impossible with that much flow behind it. Before you put the cover back on lightly lubricate the o-ring with Teflon lubricant or equivalent. Never use a petroleum product like Vaseline. After your filter is clean and you have re-installed the cover, take some aluminum foil and wrap the outside of the filter with it shiny side out and put a white sock over it. This will keep the algae from growing so rapidly.  

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